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Hey everyone, I'm back. I'm so sorry I just disappeared on you like that. Clearly, I've let this contest get away from me, but I'm hoping I can get everything back on track. First step in that happening - I'm thinking I definitely need a co-mod. Sometimes stuff comes up and sometimes I'm just a space case and I think having two people running this thing might make everything go more smoothly. Anyone who'd like to be considered for the co-mod position should leave a comment to this entry. After we get a co-mod we'll finally have that big schedule poll that I've been talking about so I can figure out what everyone prefers as far as making time/voting time goes. THEN, we'll finally have Challenge #4.

But first! I've finally got the winners for Challenge #3 for you! Plus banners! Congratulations to everyone.



We had a tie for 2nd. Since xdizzydance is so awesome she tied with herself, I figured I just make her the one banner. I hope that's okay babe. :) Also of note: this is the first tie in monkeestills history.



I might be slightly biased because I just love this picture, but seriously, look at how cute this icon is. Fab use of texture as well.
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