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Hey everyone, I'm back. I'm so sorry I just disappeared on you like that. Clearly, I've let this contest get away from me, but I'm hoping I can get everything back on track. First step in that happening - I'm thinking I definitely need a co-mod. Sometimes stuff comes up and sometimes I'm just a space case and I think having two people running this thing might make everything go more smoothly. Anyone who'd like to be considered for the co-mod position should leave a comment to this entry. After we get a co-mod we'll finally have that big schedule poll that I've been talking about so I can figure out what everyone prefers as far as making time/voting time goes. THEN, we'll finally have Challenge #4.

But first! I've finally got the winners for Challenge #3 for you! Plus banners! Congratulations to everyone.

You're all winners in my bookCollapse )

Challenge 3 Voting

Sorry this is a little later than I said it would be - I got distracted by The Office on DVD. Not as many entries this time around, but they're all up to the usual standards of loveliness. :)

Voting Rules + Icons Behind the CutCollapse )

Last Day Reminder

Ack, I'm sorry I've been MIA all week, I've been crazy busy. So yes, Challenge 3: Shades of Grey is ending tonight, probably around 5PM-ish (US Central Time), so this is your last chance to get your entries in. We have 14 lovely icons right now, but of course I'd love for you all to submit more. :)

On a more business-y note, I feel like our schedule isn't really working so well, so expect a big poll/entry about that sometime on Saturday. I want everybody's input so we can make these challenges as fun and non-stressful as possible, so look out for that.
Okay kids, it appears that the ImageShack snafu has sorted itself out, so you can start back up on your iconing. Remember, the deadline has been extended to Friday, February 8 so we've got plenty of time to get Challenge 3 back on track. Good luck and have fun!

Enter Challenge 3 here!


It's been brought to my attention that there are issues with the images for challenge 3, namely that no one is able to view them. It appears that ImageShack is having some technical difficulties at the moment, so here's the plan: I'm going to wait a little while and see if this sorts itself out and if it hasn't by tomorrow morning, I'll re-upload/upload to a different host. In the meantime, since I don't know how long the images have been unavailable we're going to extend the challenge one week. Icons will now be due Friday, February 8. We've only had 9 icons entered so far anyway, so I probably would have had to extend it regardless. I'll keep you all posted and I apologize for the inconvenience.


Banners & Challenge 3 Reminder

Get those submissions in! You have until Friday night to enter Challenge 3: Shades of Grey. We only have seven icons so far, so get crackin'!

And I've just finished the banners for our Challenge 2 winners. Congrats again you guys! All of you have been added to the Hall of Fame.

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Challenge 2 Winners

Congrats to all of our winning icon makers!

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Voting - Last Call

If you haven't voted in Challenge 2 yet, do it now! Winners will be posted in just a couple of hours.

Challenge 3 - Shades of Grey

Don't forget to vote in Challenge 2 if you haven't already. Winners will be posted tomorrow night!

For our next challenge, I found oodles of black & white photographs for you to icon (I'm kind of obsessed with black & white photography right now). In fact, I found so many that a liked, I'm going to save some of them and we can do another black & white challenge in the future. Yes, I'm already planning on recycling challenges. Your mod has a very limited amount of creativity. :) And before anyone asks in a panic: the images are black and white, but you are completely allowed to use colored textures, text, brushes, gradients, etc.

Please read all the rules carefully.
  • You may submit up to three icons for this challenge.
  • Please don't use any images other than the ones provided.
  • Blending is fine.
  • All effects (textures, brushes, gradients, text, etc.) are allowed except for animation.
  • Icons must meet Livejournal standards (100x100 pixels, under 40 KB, .gif/.jpg/.png format).
  • Icons must be made especially for this challenge. Submitting an icon you made before this challenge will get you disqualified from the round.
  • Do not post your icons anywhere else until after voting has ended. Icons must remain anonymous. Again, you do this, you get disqualified for the round.
  • Please upload your icons to tinypic.com, as it makes my life about 80 bajillion times easier. And submit them like so:

  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But today there is no wrong or rightCollapse )

Good luck!

Last Chance Reminder

Challenge 2 - Promo Pics

Only two more hours! Last chance to participate!

Your Mod Is a Space Case

I'm so sorry everyone, I completely forgot to do the "Last Day Reminder" post last night. I suck.

So this is kind of an informal, "Hey guys get your icons in!" post. We have 21 lovely icons so far, but you know I would never object to more submissions. I was planning on putting up the voting at 6 PM US Central Time, so be sure to get them in soon.

Challenge 2 - Promo Pics

Get 'em in kids!

Technical Difficulties

Sorry I've been absent everybody - my internet went down yesterday. So I meant to post all this stuff then, but clearly the internet gods were not smiling on me.

So I've just got two things:

a) Go enter Challenge 2! So far we've only gotten seven entries, so be sure and get yours in before Friday!

b) Since no one commented with any objections to my post on Monday, I've unscreened all of your submissions from Challenge 1. So go here and see who made what. I'd like to encourage you to leave comments for the ones that you like, as we had a ton of gorgeous icons for this challenge, and I'd love for the people who didn't win to get some recognition for their mad iconing skillz. :)

Thanks guys!



Okay everyone, here's the deal. I want to unscreen the comments on the Challenge 1 submission post so everyone can see who made what, but I want to make sure everyone's cool with that.

So, you have 24 hours to comment to this post if you do NOT want me to unscreen your icons. Thank you!


Challenge 1 Banners

Banners for all of our lovely winners. Congratulations to everyone again! All of you have been added to the monkeestills Hall of Fame.

OMG BANNERS!1!Collapse )